Reading List Request Form

In collaboration with our academic community, the Scholarly Information Research (SIR) portfolio has developed and launched a new online reading list request form.

The benefits of this online form include:

  • Allowing academics to request material to be in reserve for multiple offerings (up to seven years)
  • Requesting more than 10 items on one form
  • Selecting more than one campus to place reserve material for a particular offering
  • Requesting material to be available as Reserve (2 hours), Short loan (4 days) and add privately owned material to be temporarily added to the collection for student use

Academics can now also request that electronic resources be flagged as reserve material.

This allows students to access their resources via the catalogue by searching for their course convenor’s name or the course code.

In addition to this, the reserve service will now archive all online requests starting from Semester 2, 2012.  These will be available on request from your campus’ Reserve team.

From the end of Semester 2, 2012, academics with items in reserve will also be provided with a usage report so they can review their course’s reserve resources.

For more information on the reading list request form, contact Lending Services Team Leader, Donald Jeffrey (

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