A quick chat with…

  2. Theresa Davern – Learning Adviser
  • What is your professional background?

My background is in Education. I have almost 30 years experience in teaching at secondary and tertiary levels. All Learning Advisers at Griffith must have university teaching experience and I taught sessionally at QUT over a period of 7 years.

  • What is your job role with Information Services?

In my role as a Learning Adviser I work with students and university staff, both academic and general, to help students develop their academic skills. I deliver co-curricular and embedded workshops and consult with students individually about their academic work and skill development.

  • What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy the contact with the students and other staff members from various parts of the university. I really enjoy teaching and that forms the basis of this role.

Focus Areas:

  • Academic skills development
  • Resource development
  • Student consultations
  • In-class workshops

If you think Theresa could help you or your students with any of the above, feel free to send her an email (t.davern@griffith.edu.au).

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