INS Meeting Wireless Demands

Wireless internet usage at Griffith University is growing at a rapid rate, and in the past year, Griffith University has seen a tremendous growth in the use of smart devices amongst staff and students.

This has dramatically increased the demands on, and expectations of, the University wireless network.

INS has undertaken a number of initiatives to enable wireless to meet the demands on the University community, and these have proved quite successful:

  • Easier device set up
  • Improved wireless performance
  • Improved wireless service coverage
  • Extension of range of mobile devices supported

In addition, there have been significant changes to Griffith’s internet service that add to the wireless capability.

In late 2011, a major technology upgrade resulted in a number of benefits for staff and students:

  • Students no longer being cut off when having used up their internet quota
  • Internet quota increased
  • Quota top-ups available
  • Auto internet log-in
  • Free off-peak download period increased

For more information, or to give feedback, on the the changes that have been implemented by INS, visit Griffith’s wireless network webpage.

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