IT Tips & Tricks: 3 Step Disk Cleanup

Here is a tip from Information Services’ IT Coordinator, Patrick Nehmé, to help speed up your PC and get rid of some unwanted files.

  • Step 1 – Click on the Start menu
  • Step 2 – Select All Programs > Accessories > System Tools
  • Step 3 – Choose Disk Cleanup – This will find unwanted junk and items such as offline web pages, your Recycle Bin and temporary files on your PC and give you the option to delete them.

If you have any IT related questions or queries, visit the Ask Us page for Griffith staff.

A simple 3 step process to cleanup your PC

4 Comments on “IT Tips & Tricks: 3 Step Disk Cleanup”

  1. Trish says:

    Thanks! Just did that now, handy tip.

  2. Sandra Hendry says:

    Can you preform a Disc Cleanup and continue to work on your computer?

    • Hi Sandra,

      You will still be able to work on your computer. The cleanup may take a few minutes but you will still be able to access other areas of your computer.

      Hope the cleanup serves you well!

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