Learning@Griffith Upgrade: Sneak Peek for Staff


The Learning@Griffith upgrade project team has been hard at work over the past few months and are now ready to unveil some ‘sneak peeks’ for staff.

To date, the team has compared Blackboard 8 (current Learning@Griffith version) with Blackboard Learn Version 9.1 (new version) to identify all of the new and improved functionality and tools.

Having spoken to 10 other Australian Universities who are already using Blackboard 9.1, the upgrade team is learning from the experiences of others and are building a system that will benefit the needs of both students and academics.

Some standout collaboration tools of the new 9.1 system include:

  • discussion forums
  • online classrooms and webinars
  • journals
  • blogs
  • wikis

The upgrade team are also currently developing training opportunities that will be offered prior to the project’s scheduled implementation in Semester 1, 2013.

Visit the Blackboard upgrade project website for a series of ‘sneak peeks’ and short tutorials that will give you a taste of the wonderful things to come with the new Learning@Griffith.


One Comment on “Learning@Griffith Upgrade: Sneak Peek for Staff”

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