Learning@Griffith Grade Centre Making Marking Easier

The Learning@Griffith Grade Centre tool is used for managing student marks and assessment.

We’ve seen more and more teaching staff taking advantage of the Grade Centre to track progress and deliver assessment marks to students via My Grades.

Here are a few tips on organising your Grade Centre to make it easier for you to use:

  • Points Possible – Update this to the correct figure on all Tests and Assignments so that your Grade Centre can help you with your marks calculations and display the right marks to your students
  • Due Date – Setting this will enable you to use Smart Views and other tools to identify students with late submissions
  • Show / Hide columns – Use this like the Hide feature in Microsoft Excel: to hide columns from your view whilst you work.  Useful for hiding Drafts; or hiding Assessment 1 whilst you mark Assessment 2!  To see the hidden columns in your Grade Centre, and to un-hide them, choose Manage > Organise Grade Centre.  (Note: hiding a column does not hide the column from the students.)
  • Smart views – Enables you to create different views of the Grade Centre for different purposes.  For example, see all columns relating to students in certain Groups, or see all students who have not submitted assessment.  You can also use the “Preview of My Grades” to see what your students can see via their My Grades tool.
  • Total / Weighted Total – These columns appear to all students in all courses by default, but you need to configure them to take advantage of them.  The Total column will add up the total marks from each column you specify.  It is the best option for courses where the marks for the assessment items match the weighting (e.g. an assignment worth 20% of the course grade is also worth 20 marks).  For more complex weightings, use the Weighted Total column to calculate the students’ percentage grade to date.  You can calculate it as a running total (which will count all assessment taken to date as 100% of the course assessment) or not (which will show the real percentage mark students have achieved to date).  If you have an assessment item marked in multiple Grade Centre columns, like tutorial attendance, you can create a new Total or Weighted Total column to manage final grades for that assessment, then include this column in your overall course Total / Weighted Total.

There is heaps of information about the Grade Centre available on the Blended Learning Support Site. You can also email or phone the support team on x55555 with any Learning@Griffith question.

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