A quick chat with…

  1. Louisa Foley – Digitisation Officer
  • What is your current role?

I work in the Digitisation and Distribution team within INS, Learning and Teaching. I put course readings into Learning@Griffith course sites; first checking that they are copyright-compliant and accessible. I also assist and advise convenors on their options.

  • What do you enjoy about the role?

Giving students 24/7 access to some really great reading material that has been specially selected from books, journals, reports and conferences. I enjoy liaising with, and problem solving for, convenors, and working with my team to ensure students have access to the best material.

  • What are the challenges?

Meeting the demand of the first few weeks of semester – we often get an influx of requests just days before semester starts. We’re working to stagger requests so they don’t all arrive at the same time.

We’ve had success with better communication of our timelines. More convenors are now helping us out with this – we’ve recently processed some requests for Semester 1, 2013.

Contact the Digitisation and Distribution team for more information on online readings, print readings and distribution methods.

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