Demolition and Construction at the Gold Coast

G10 Level 3 Demolition

The floor slab grinding has been completed with night works having been scheduled to minimise the impact on staff and students.

The service trades are now working alongside the demolition team and have almost completed their first-fix electrical, mechanical and hydraulics, and the ceiling grid installation started work in early September.

Our anticipated handover date in late August will see our students have access to a future print collection location for study seating.

G11 Construction

The G11 construction site has been divided into a north site, a middle site and the southern, or Gumurrii, site.

On the north site, stairs and columns are being formed for level 3 and 4 and work is progressing nicely.

In the middle site we have approximately six columns that still need to be poured; block laying has begun and the slab is being stripped by the form workers.

In Gumurrii, the floor slab is being reinforced (about one third complete); the remaining two thirds of the slab are still being formed.

Check out the gallery below for a close up of what’s been going on at the Gold Coast.

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