New Libguide for Mobile Friendly Sites and Apps


In response to feedback from users and library staff, a joint project between the Acquisitions Team and the Library Systems Team has seen the creation of the mobile friendly sites and apps libguide.

Existing databases have been identified that have either a mobile friendly platform or an app available, and added to the libguide for easy referencing. Icons have also been added to the entries in the A-Z database list indicating if the platform is mobile friendly, and/or if there is an apple or android app available.

When new databases are acquired, or as existing resources become mobile friendly, the Acquisitions Team will update the libguide to reflect these changes. Ejournals and ebooks will also have their records updated in the same instance. If you have noticed that your favourite ejournal or ebook has become mobile friendly, please contact the Acquisitions Team to let them know.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is an example of a title that has recently become mobile friendly – so you can now create an account for it on the Chronicle website and add it to your mobile device/s.

Feedback and/or questions, (including updates about your favourite journals) can be sent to the acquisitions team at:

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