INS eResearch Services Collaboration Assists Researchers

The INS eResearch Services team has worked with the National Centre for Adult Stem Cell Research (NCASCR) at the Eskitis Institute to deliver an exciting project that will assist researchers with neuroscience and stem cell therapy experiments.

The project, entitled Adult Stem Cell and Neurobiological Microscopy Instrumentation and Research Data Management, was completed at the end of August, and was funded by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

Along with allowing researchers to better organise and analyse their biological imaging experiments, the project has also made a number of key achievements:

  • Software that allows researchers to enhance metadata automatically generated from microscopy instruments and automatically sends the metadata records to Research Data Australia that will assist in the future management of biological data.
  • A selection of over 10 records described and contributed to Research Data Australia providing greater exposure to data on Stem Cell & Neurobiological research through the Research Data Australia portal.

For more information, a project description is available on the ANDS website. The software developed for the project can also be viewed online.

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