Griffith IT 2020 Strategy receives inspired student feedback

Over the last few  months the PVC, Information Services, Linda O’Brien has been spearheading the development of the Griffith 2020 IT Strategy –a strategy designed to leverage the power of information technology to position Griffith as a student-centred research university through to 2020.

Linda O’Brien says of the strategy, ‘Griffith University’s Strategy for Information Technology will be an aspirational road map outlining the role of IT in realising our vision through to 2020. Its development is a collaborative process, engaging the University community in discussion and debate’.

In the spirit of this collaborative process, Information Services held a collection of focus groups and an essay competition, asking students a series of questions:

‘If you stepped through a doorway into 2020 what do you think your life as a student at Griffith University would be like? How would you expect to be studying?  What will the student experience be like? What technology would you expect to be using?’

The responses from both collaborations were both very positive and inspiring. Common ideas coming out of the students’ answers were:

  • Virtual real time classrooms, allowing full participation from any location
  • A fully integrated learning environment
  • All resources online
  • All resources available from mobile devices
  • Enhanced communication with lecturers using technology and face-to-face consultations
  • Excitement, inspiration, and engagement as part of the educational experience

The winner of the IT 2020 Strategy essay competition, Christopher Underwood, received a 16GB Google Nexus 7 for his entry.

Chris and Jennie

Chris receiving his prize from Project Officer, Information Services, Jennie Hardware.

You can read Christopher’s winning entry here.

Four runners up received a $25 Coles/Myer gift voucher each – you can read their competition entries here.

We would like to thank everyone, students and staff, who have contributed to the IT 2020 Strategy to date. Feedback is welcomed through until the end of September – please feel free to contact  Linda O’Brien directly or email Jennie Hardware.

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