Wireless Microphones in Lecture Theatres – Your Thoughts?

Wireless microphones have been in lecture theatres and advanced seminar rooms across all five campuses for several weeks now and we are receiving great feedback from lecturers and tutors.  Not having to line up at the library to hire the handsets and the ability to move more freely around the room are the two big benefits that we’re hearing from users.

Here’s a handy tip: Docking the handsets after use will make sure that at least one handset will always charged and ready to use. To dock the handsets completely, push the handset down fully in to the dock until the light activates (red means the handset is charging, green means that the handset is fully charged and ready for use).

Wireless microphones dock station

Have you used the wireless microphones yet? What has been your experience? Please contact Telena Thompson: telena.thompson@griffith.edu.au with your feedback or questions.

One Comment on “Wireless Microphones in Lecture Theatres – Your Thoughts?”

  1. Wayne Lang says:

    Great system now that we don’t have to book out the microphones. I hope that users of the system will make sure they press the microphone down firmly so it re-charges. I have been in a lecture theatre where both microphone batteries are flat.

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