Griffith’s Library Services Praised at the Necessary Transition Conference


Last week Academic Services Librarian Colette Smith-Strong attended the Necessary Transition 2012 conference held at the Ship Inn, Southbank.

The international conference brought leading researchers and practitioners together to share knowledge and expertise on the topic of a sustainable enterprise economy.

The first day of the conference was a research symposium with Professor David Peetz, an academic from the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources at Griffith University, and Associate Professor Georgina Murray, an academic from the School of Humanities at Griffith University, presenting a talk on corporate ownership and global sustainability.

Professor Peetz and Associate Professor Murray’s research involved sourcing information involving company shareholders – specifically ownership data and corporate commitment to sustainability/climate change initiatives. To achieve this, David and Georgina have been actively using one of Griffith Library’s Business products, the Osiris database, to source financial capital and ownership data from global companies to help quantify business and financial sector involvement in such climate change activities as the Carbon Disclosure Project.

During their presentation, Peetz and Murray specifically singled out Colette in the audience to personally thank her for her assistance with their research and praised the collections and research consultation services of the Griffith University Library. The acknowledgement of the continued assistance and facilitation that Griffith’s librarians provide on a daily basis was a proud moment for the University.

A surprised Colette was humbled by the mention. ‘I’m glad to have had the chance to liaise with them on this research and also to assist with some enquiries on their behalf,’ Colette said.

Colette said that attending the conference was a very rewarding academic and personal experience.

It’s wonderful to receive such positive feedback about the services that Griffith’s library provides to academics and researchers. Congratulations to Colette and all involved!

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