Google Analytics giving Griffith INSights

Between now and early 2013, Google Analytics will be re-implemented across all Griffith web sites and major web based applications such as the Griffith Portal, Learning@Griffith and the Research Hub.

Information Services staff are working closely with External Relations and a consultant to implement Google Analytics in a more sustainable way and get some insight into how visitors interact with our web systems.

Google Analytics will also give Griffith the opportunity to utilise a number of potential applications such as:

  • Revealing how visitors get to our sites (e.g. direct, search engine, advertising, email)
  • Understanding periods of highest use for web sites
  • Identifying problem areas in a process where customers give up and leave the process
  • Measuring customer progress toward competing specified activities such as downloading a brochure, registering for an event or enrolling in a course
  • Measuring the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns and strategies

The initial focus will be on pages related to students and recruitment, but the project aims to implement Analytics across the major web systems and provide staff with the knowledge to extend it to new applications in the future.

The end product will result in increased amounts of valuable data to assist with making decisions about Griffith’s services and planning improvement activities.

For further information on how Google Analytics will be implemented at Griffith, contact Project Manager, Dale Helwig:

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