How Blended is your Learning? Blended Learning Symposium 2012


Monday October 29 saw the Blending Learning Symposium at the Nathan campus showcase presentations on blended learning ideas and strategies.

The Symposium attracted an audience of 133 people (at Nathan) and 16 people (at Logan via satellite) and encouraged attendees to share their thoughts and experience through social media (twitter, facebook, etc).

The symposium was kicked off by Professor John Boyer, also known as the Plaid Avenger who, while sporting a rather fetching plaid jacket, spoke about the importance of turning a classroom into a community and ‘the sage on the stage in the digital age’ (lecturers) speaking  the ‘social media language’.

Presentations that followed included ‘SCVNGR Treks: Connecting Students to Support Services’ by Dr Rowan Michael; ‘Engendering Interaction, Collaboration and Reflection in Online and Blended Learning and Assessments’ by Yuping Wang; and ‘Using an Online Discussion Forum to Bring Course Content to Life: An examination of student engagement’ by Dr Kevin Filo, among others.

Participants found the symposium thought provoking, informative and entertaining. ‘I’d be lying if I didn’t say I loved [every presentation],’ Sheila McCarthy, Manager for SEET, Learning and Teaching, said. ‘Apart from the keynote (an event in itself!), I loved the presentation by Accounting, Finance and Economics Academic Dr Mirela Malin about the use of an iPad application called ‘Explain Everything’.’

Julie Blakey, Social Media Advisor for Learning and Teaching, said she was excited to see that the ’emerging technology agenda’ is being embraced by the teaching community. ‘Collectively, the efforts of academics and INS (Learning and Teaching) are having a very real and very positive impact on the learning outcomes of Griffith students,’ she said.

If you weren’t able to attend on the day you can watch the presentations on the Ustream website.

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