ABC Collaborates with Griffith for Australian First

Griffith University will now be able to broadcast live radio following the launch of a communication channel linking the Queensland Conservatorium (QCGU) and the ABC headquarters at South Bank.

The collaborative effort between Griffith’s Information Services division, Campus Life, QCGU and the ABC will result in the University being the first non-ABC location in the country to have two-way access to their broadcasting facilities.

This means that Griffith will have the capacity to interact with the ABC on live-to-air radio, rather than just feeding the signal to the broadcaster.

The possible creative and educational synergies between Griffith and the ABC were identified in 2009 following the announcement that their new Queensland base was going to be at South Bank.

Representatives from Griffith and the ABC continued to meet during the headquarters’ construction to plan the installation of the fibre optic cable that allows the University to broadcast to the world.

This collaboration will be showcased for the first time on Monday, 3 December at 1:30pm, when 50 singers will perform live on ABC Local Radio from Griffith’s Conservatorium Theatre.

One Comment on “ABC Collaborates with Griffith for Australian First”

  1. Thanks its great to know what collaborations are happening around the University. Chris

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