Student Earlybird Workshops Schedule 2013


  • Earlybird Workshops are about more than just study skills – they’re about giving our students a vital introduction to life at Griffith.

The Earlybird Workshops schedule for 2013 has been finalised and is ready to promote to students across Griffith. The workshops will run for the week before orientation week, from 9 February to 16 February.

Earlybird workshops are great preparatory sessions for students commencing study at here at Griffith; not only do they help to ease the transition of new students into academic and social communities, they are also successful at:

  • Increasing student retention and pass rates
  • Increasing students’ writing abilities
  • Improving students’ learning experience
  • Providing students from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to develop university-level writing
  • Providing better coping strategies in university environments
  • Enabling students to find facts and develop their ideas; to organise material clearly, logically and persuasively; and to read critically and accurately.
  • In addition, students will be able to navigate the Griffith website and integrate cutting-edge information age technology into their writing

The Earlybird Workshops program also provides information about academic expectations, campus resources, study strategies, student and campus life, as well as providing opportunities to meet with other Griffith students. And the best part? These workshops are free and operate on all Griffith campuses.

Are you interested in more information? Do you think these workshops would be of great benefit to your students? We would love to hear from you. We’ve got the timetable for you to view, or you can email:, or ring an Earlybird representative on your campus:

Gold Coast (07) 5552 8109
Logan (07) 3382 1108
Mt Gravatt (07) 3735 5778
Nathan (07) 3735 6452
South Bank (07) 3735 6452







Remember, when students know more, they can do more!

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