Echo360 replaces Lectopia at Griffith – a Lecture Capture Upgrade

Following a thorough phase-in process, Lecture Capture has had an update with Echo360 replacing Lectopia  as Griffith’s recording system as of January 2013.

Over 17,000 events were recorded by Lecture Capture last year, and the new Echo360 system will offer a number of improvements for 2013 and beyond.

Some of the new features include: 

  • Recordings automatically added to Learning@Griffith
  • Searchable presentations slides in an index created via a OCR scan
  • Bookmarks can be placed at any point in a recording
  • Heat map statistics that show academics the most popular parts of each recording

Existing Lecture Capture recordings will continue to be available until 2014, and although Echo360 provides a completely new application for recording, scheduling and publication workflows, no changes have had to be made to venue operations.

The first phase of this implementation commenced in July 2012 as Echo360 hardware ran simultaneously with Lectopia on the Mt Gravatt and Logan campuses.

Following the success of Echo360 running parallel with Lectopia at Mt Gravatt and Logan, 93 rooms across all five campuses received an upgrade to the new system.

A third and final stage is underway and scheduled to conclude in time for Semester 2, 2013. This phase will develop a feed of timetable data to Echo360 which will give the system the capability to create recording schedules.

Along with many teams throughout INS, the Lecture Capture team was also supported by staff from Griffith’s Legal and PFS teams, and the academic community at the Logan and Mt Gravatt campuses.

Echo360 has replaced Lectopia as Griffith’s recording system.

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