eTexts: A Hot Topic for Friends of the Library

Dr Brad Wheeler presents his lecture on etexts

  • Last Monday night Dr Brad Wheeler presented ‘eTexts: A Perishable Opportunity for Higher Education’; a lecture on driving down the cost of educational learning materials for students.

Dr Brad Wheeler, Indiana University’s vice president for information technology and CIO, co-founded and led remarkable software and service collaborations such as the Sakai Project, Kuali, and the HathiTrust. Most recently, he developed IU’s eTexts Initiative and implemented a cutting edge delivery model to tackle the high costs of textbooks for students.

Dr Wheeler spoke about the importance of the future of eTexts within University education, and the importance of working with publishers to ensure a good financial outcome for students, universities and the publishers alike. He also mentioned the wonderful work that Indiana University is doing for students with disabilities in relation to electronic learning.

Before the public lecture, Friends of the Library were treated to a cocktail function with Dr Wheeler on the balcony of the Ship Inn’s function space.

IMG_1914 IMG_1922 IMG_1936 IMG_1951 IMG_1959 IMG_1985

If you missed Dr Wheeler’s lecture, a recording of Dr Wheeler’s lecture is available to view on the Friends of the Library webpage.

Friends of the Library are currently putting together a new program of events for 2013/2014, so become a Friend today to keep informed! You can become a Friend of the Library through the Friends of the Library website.

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