CARMS Joins INS This Year

  • Griffith’s Corporate Archives & Records Management Services (CARMS) team became part of INS this year. Here we’ve decided to talk a little more about CARMS to give you a better understanding of our latest INS colleagues.

What is CARMS?
CARMS is the name of Griffith’s corporate record keeping unit. Corporate Archives and Records Management Services maintains a central repository of the records the University is legally obliged to keep as evidence of its activities.

Did you know you have a legal obligation to keep records of your business activities at Griffith?
No? You are not alone. It is broadly estimated that only 35% of the University’s records are actively managed via CARMS. The remainder end up sitting on G drives, often in obscure folders, and not readily available to the corporate memory. University records can include staff and student files, contracts, committee minutes and agenda, ethics approvals, grant applications, to name just a few.

So, why the sudden interest in CARMS?
With the increasing availability of digital solutions for record keeping and information management, we plan to enable a digital solution for the University’s record keeping needs. As part of this process, the records management functions of Griffith have been transferred to Information Services (INS). We are also working with the Queensland State Archives and other Queensland Universities to try and simplify the record keeping rules we all have to abide by and reduce the record keeping burden for all staff.

Will it mean more work for me?
No! Well… it shouldn’t do. The goal of the digitisation strategy will be to evolve Griffith to a record keeping environment that will be largely automatic, simple to use, and will free up resources by minimising use of paper and physical and electronic storage space. But, if you don’t actually do any record keeping now, you might have to start…

What is in it for me?
By implementing this strategy, the information assets of the University will become available in a timely and easily accessible way to assist in decision making and operational matters. And you will get a warm rosy feeling, knowing that you are helping the University fulfil its legal obligations!

And in the meantime?
Until this goal is achieved, CARMS will continue business as usual with regard to supporting paper-based systems (current and legacy), while redeploying resources to support the introduction of the new digital environment as required.

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