Enrolment at Griffith Easier for Students in 2013

  • Griffith’s new enrolment interface was released in early February providing a new easy way for students to enrol.

Within hours of release, a student emailed with the following comment:

“ The new enrolment system is awesome. Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.”

In previous years students have had to juggle multiple windows, write down course and class numbers, plan timetables on paper and hope that classes would still be available by the time they entered the details on the computer and pressed the enrol button. The new enrolment interface is a simple 3 step guided process that uses only one window and provides students with an experience not unlike purchasing tickets on-line.

Students access the new enrolment interface via the Griffith Portal. Because they have logged in, the system knows what program the student is enrolled in and displays the relevant academic plan. Students are able to select their courses and classes and plan their timetables from a class list that provides feedback on those classes that are full or in high demand.

The new enrolment interface provides students with an improved student experience unmatched by our neighbouring universities. In addition to the release of the new enrolment interface, a new look and feel for the Programs and Courses website and Degree Finder has also been released.

Want to know more? A short video providing an overview of the new enrolment process is available on the enrolment web page.

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