Griffith App usage through the roof

  • Downloads and usage of the Griffith app spiked during O Week and the first week of Semester 1 following the release of the latest update.

New features introduced for O Week included interactive ‘Tours’ for the Nathan and Gold Coast campuses, and improved access to Learning@Griffith through a link to Blackboard Mobile Learn.

These additions, along with existing features particularly useful for new students such as ‘Transit’, ‘Email’ and ‘Maps’, were contributing factors to the increased usage.

Some highlights for the app include:

  • Total downloads (all time) – over 55,000
  • Peak runs in one day – 34,552 (Previous high was 13,817 at same time last year)
  • Total runs (all time) – over 1.67 million
  • Learning@Griffith mobile log-ins (week 1) – over 31,000

The latest ‘Tours’ update had contributors from right around the University, including External Relations, Student Services, Future Students team, Learning@Griffith, Learning and Teaching’s Media Production team, and many more who assisted.

To download the updated app, or for more information on the University’s mobile services, visit the Griffith Mobile page.

The interactive tour feature on the updated Griffith app.

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