Record Management – What you thought you knew (but maybe you didn’t know)

  • In the course of our working lives we all create records that are evidence of the business activities of the organisation that we work for. But did you know that, at Griffith, you have legal obligations when it comes to the management of those records?

The University (and you!) have a legal responsibility to make sure that these records are managed effectively, retained for the required period of time, and then disposed of appropriately.

Records can include things such as snail mail and email, minutes and agendas, contracts and agreements, staff and student records, and the records you create in the electronic business systems of the University.

Records come in a myriad of formats, including: paper documents, documents in your email, computer or mobile device, content backed-up on DVDs and USBs, web sites, learning and teaching materials on Blackboard etc.

Records kept locally (i.e. in your office, School, Department etc), just like formal records in University business systems, are subject to minimum retention requirements.

The requirements are detailed here:

We are all obligated to ensure:

  • Records are not destroyed unless they have met their minimum retention period
  • Records (apart from those of an ephemeral nature*) are not destroyed without a Request for Destruction being completed

When tidying up or just looking to make more room in your office or on your computer you need to be careful that you are not destroying University records.

CARMS, the area that manages University records, will be happy to provide assistance. So, give them a call! The general enquiries number is x57870.

*Ephemeral Records have short term informational value, are personal in nature or do not record a business decision.

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