Griffith University’s JPoll featured in the NMC Horizon Report

  • Griffith University’s own JPoll has been featured in the 2013 New Media Consortium (NMC) Horizon Report (Higher Education Edition).


Developed by INS (Learning & Teaching) for the SEET Group (in collaboration with SEET Blended Learning Advisor Nicole Wall) in late 2010 as a cost-effective replacement for clicker-like technologies, and expanded out to an enterprise level use last year, JPoll has proved its worth by putting Griffith well ahead of the Learning Analytics game.

JPoll is a student response system for polling groups and displaying visualised results in real-time.  Multiple choice question sets are created and data is stored for sharing across group and administrator members.  JPoll can be used across multiple platforms and contexts, most recently it was used at the 2012 Blended Learning Symposium.

Listed under ‘Learning Analytics’, an emerging area recognised by NMC with a 2-3 year adoption range, JPoll really stands out. As one of only five projects listed in this new category in the 2013 Report, JPoll also made the grade due to its potential for capturing, engaging, and maintaining students in a range of interactive teaching situations online and/or in the classroom. The real strength of the Student Response system identified by academic staff is how JPoll is helping to identify problem learning areas in class via the analytics, the sharing of the analytic visualisations, and the ability to embed the tool within Blackboard sites as well as online.


JPoll is a multi-deployed application, and can be used on iPads, PC, tablets, and mac.

You can hear Dr Leigh-ellen Potter talk about the Benefits of JPoll in the classroom on iTunes U.

You can also read the NMC Horizon Report 2013 – Higher Education Edition on the NMC website.

To find more information on JPoll check out the Griffith University Learning Objects Showcase.

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