Commencement of a major communication project for Griffith University

unified collaboration

  • Griffith has commenced a major communication project to deliver a unified collaboration platform across the University.

The project will begin by replacing Griffith’s existing telephone system with IP video phones and seamlessly integrating them with the newly upgraded video conference rooms. This means you will soon have integrated services such as audio, video, presence, mobility, conferencing and white boarding across all University campuses. Later stages of the project will see further integration with the University’s other collaborative technologies.

At some point in the next two years: 

  • Your desk phone will be replaced with a video-capable phone
  • You will be contactable via one telephone number by your desk phone, computer, tablet or mobile phone (note: you choose which devices you want to be contacted on)
  • You will be able to connect your video telephone/tablet/mobile directly to a video conference room
  • You will have easier video conference and collaboration access, both internally and externally to the University
  • You will be able to reduce travel time between campuses for face-to-face meetings
  • Other collaborative tools (e.g social media/Google +) will be integrated into the service
  • AND Griffith’s overall environmental footprint will be reduced thanks to your involvement in the project

When will this happen?
Stage 1 will include the roll-out of video telephones, commencing in April 2013, with the initial focus being on the three new buildings – G11 will be first, with N78 and G40 following in early June, before the focus is turned to the rest of the University. The project team will be in touch with each school/business area to discuss appropriate time-frames to move you to the new video telephony system.

Communication will occur through a variety of channels including client consultation sessions, a website, email, newsletters, and marketing collateral. Training will also be provided to as many staff as possible. Please note: All existing desk phones will be replaced with a new video phone at no charge.

For more information on the project please contact the Unified Collaboration Project Team via email –

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