Griffith’s Virtual Crime Scene App hits the international scene

  • Griffiths’ own Forensic Chemistry Virtual Crime Scene Application has been accepted into the New Media Consortium (NMC) International Project Navigator.


The NMC Project Navigator provides an International database of ‘vetted’ projects exploring the use of emerging technologies. This year, Griffith’s own Forensic Chemistry App joins many other impressive projects.

The Forensic Chemistry Virtual Crime Scene Application is a multi-deployable (iOS, Android, Mac and PC) application developed to provide an authentic investigation platform, assisting Forensic Chemistry students to identify forensic samples for collection, form working groups to practice & test collection techniques, collaborate to analyse collected samples, discover the wider crime context via story-telling, and prepare an end report.

A virtual crime scene can be set up anywhere using specifically designed human-friendly QR codes. Students can work in ‘formed groups’ or alone using electronic manuals to identify and match correct sampling procedures to forensic samples. 24 hours after submission of these samples, additional information is provided (coroners’ reports, witness and suspect statements) giving students a more contextual approach to the formulation of their forensic-based justification end-report.

While the learning objectives encompassed within the tool are many, one of the most significant functions is allowance for ‘replication’ of sampling techniques. This has been a problematic area in terms of lag-time between virtual sample collection and identification of incorrect collection techniques, and potential loss or corruption of samples (thus re-sampling is required).



The application was trialled across Semester 2, 2012 using iPads to facilitate drug & forensic analytical chemistry students in SEET (Science, Environment, Education and Teaching), and the feedback has been positive.

To find out more about the Virtual Crime Scene App, check out the Project Overview.

You can also read about the Virtual Crime Scene App on the Horizon Project Navigator site.

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