Current projects underway in CARMS

With the increasing availability of digital solutions for record keeping and information management, the Corporate Archives and Records Management Services (CARMS) team is currently working towards enabling a digital solution for the University’s record keeping needs – transferring our current paper-based archive and record keeping systems to digital systems that are understood and can be used across the entire University community.

Part of the CARMS team remains dedicated to providing a business-as-usual service but a small sub-team has been been tasked with working on the digitisation strategy.

To this end, work has commenced on specific digitisation projects such as:

  • reviewing existing legacy Lotus Notes applications and Quickr sites with a view to identifying which ones need to be archived, which can be deleted and which need to be transferred to alternative systems such as SharePoint (currently 66 apps have been identified as ready for archiving or deletion, 26 need further investigation, and 28 need to be transferred to an alternative platform). Preliminary review of the Quickr sites has commenced
  • digitising clinical records for a health clinic (and subsequently disposing of 152 boxes of files)
  • digitising our paper-based vital records (only 108 cartons to go!)
  • assisting a group to assess their records for retention or destruction, prior to moving to a new building
  • digitising donation records for Development and Alumni (90 hard copy files no longer required)
  • supporting GUMURRII Student Support Unit in assessing their hard copy student records with a view to all future files being created and maintained digitally, in line with other practices across the University
  • digitisation of ethical clearance files and working through the process for keeping born-digital records digital

Other projects currently underway in support of the move to digitisation include:

  • reviewing the existing Retention and Disposal Schedules to create a rolled-up version that simplifies the decision-making processes
  • upgrading TRIM (our current electronic records management system)
  • investigating in-house options for production level scanning of current hard copy records

The CARMS team will be updating this information as they progress on their website at:

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