Griffith’s new collaboration helping to improve professional development for teachers.

  • INS has begun a new collaboration with the School of Education and Professional Studies and the Rockhampton Grammar School that is helping teachers to improve their professional development.

Rockhampton Grammar School is a non-denominational, independent, co-educational day and boarding school serving central Queensland for students from Early Learning through to Year 12. On Thursday, 28 March, Dr Steve Hay, Senior Lecturer with the School of Education and Professional Studies (EPS), and Cheryl Stevens, Academic Services Librarian with Scholarly Information & Research, visited the school to deliver module 3 of the course 7806EDN – ‘Making Sense of Education’ to the 20 teachers who are enrolled in this Griffith course. 7806EDN students work to ‘identify an educational issue for further investigation’ and endeavour to apply these research findings to teaching in the classroom.

Cheryl gave an overview of their visit, “it began with a brief introduction to the session and then the students were divided up into small groups to share mind maps of the identified issue and their progress to date. Dr Hay then provided the students with an overview of what an annotated bibliography was and I covered database search strategies and integration with EndNote. The final hour involved individual work by the students on searching, organising literature, and their annotations.”


Dr Steve Hay talking to teachers at Rockhampton Grammar School.

Rockhampton Grammar School

Rockhampton Grammar School

The collaboration between Griffith and the Rockhampton Grammar School received some positive publicity, including an article in The Australian entitled, ‘School helps staff learn by degrees’ (published 25/2/13).

Professor Donna Pendergast, Educational and Professional Studies Head of School, has previously said that, “this partnership [is providing] a model for improving professional development for all teachers.”

You can contact Cheryl Stevens for more information about this new collaboration at:

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