Quadrant – online and ready for your research project!


  • Quadrant, NeCTAR’s new project management and data collection tool, is online and ready for your research project!

Quadrant is a cloud-based project management and data collection tool built specifically for researchers to manage participant-based research projects and data within a centralised and secure online environment. You can use Quadrant to ensure your research project data is secure and managed ethically and effectively.

NeCTAR funded project, Quadrant has been co-developed by Griffith with the University of Melbourne and the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF).

Quadrant is easy-to-use and is designed for researchers who use qualitative and mixed-method research methodologies in the disciplines of health, humanities, social science, politics, marketing, communications, sociology, education and anthropology.

Quadrant has the ability to:

  • Add participants individually or upload from an existing database or list;
  • Easily store information – consent forms, interviews, audio, and photos;
  • Record participant’s interactions and communications; view and record contacts, phone calls and physical interactions with participants;
  • Assist in meeting ethical requirements; and
  • Know that your data is stored and backed up on Australian servers

Quadrant project director and manager Hamish Holewa said researchers can say goodbye to USB sticks. “Researchers can say goodbye to spread sheets, email, USB keys and file sharing as Quadrant makes it easy to collect, view and track the progress of research data at all points throughout the project. All researchers can manage their research project from one participant to 1000s of participants.”

“We believe that researchers should be able to collaborate instantly without barriers across institutions, the country and the world. Research collaboration software should be easy to use, intuitive and self-managed.”

Quadrant is currently in beta release. You can find out more about Quadrant by visiting the Quadrant website.

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