Welcome to the next batch of BIT students!

Three Bachelor of IT students have been selected to work within INS while they finish their degrees at Griffith.

The students and their positions are:

  • Sam Greene – Trainee Systems Administrator
  • Owen Harvey – Trainee Applications Developer
  • Jason Steensma – Trainee Database Administrator

The program gives Sam, Owen and Jason the opportunity to put their skills in practice, as well as providing an insight into specific areas they may like to pursue in their studies.

This initiative was first introduced in 2008, and 10 Griffith students have now entered the program.

Of the seven students who began the program prior to 2013, six are still employed by ICTS, with three obtaining full time work following graduation.

Congratulations to Sam, Owen and Jason for their acceptance into the program, and we hope your time with INS is long and enjoyable!

2013 BIT Students Blog IMG

BIT students Owen, Jason and Sam with their managers Kevin Spletter, Kevin Grant and Marcus Khuc, along with Associate Director Naveen Sharma.

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