Video conferencing upgrades continue to improve the working environment for Griffith staff

  • In 2012, the Video Conferencing Upgrade Project completed upgrades to thirteen common use meeting rooms, spread across all five Griffith University campuses. And the results of those updates are starting to come in!

In the first quarter of 2013 video conference usage increased by an outstanding 104% over the same period in 2012! This increase has contributed to a 14.3% reduction in fleet vehicle inter-campus travel. In addition to the reduction in safety risks associated with travel, this equates to a saving of 35,000 kilometres for the first quarter period, or a total saving of 22.77t CO2e in reduced carbon emissions since the rooms were upgraded.

video conferencing1  video conferencing2

The Video Conferencing Upgrade Project continues to support a reduction in inter-campus travel and help lower work place health and safety risks associated with travel, with investment being made to improve accessibility, reliability and ease of use surrounding video conferencing at the University.

Self-serve support materials and large scale training continues to be provided to further increase user competency and awareness of video conferencing as an alternative to inter-campus travel.

For information on upcoming training sessions please contact the Video Conference Upgrade Project at:

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