Gartner – Griffith’s new IT and business database resource

  • Griffith has just acquired Gartner – a significant new database resource of particular importance for staff and students in IT and Business.

Gartner, the world’s leading provider of research and analysis about the global information technology industry, provides students, faculty, and staff with free access to detailed and relevant product information, evaluations, recommendations, and measurement services on a wide range of technology issues and trends.

IT and business schools will benefit from the wealth of reports, surveys and case studies that are available to lecturers and their students. While students can learn by example how to analyse an industry trend/new product or technology or the performance of a company, researchers can use Gartner reports, surveys etc. as secondary complements to, and verifications of, their own primary research data. Gartner updates it database with over 150 new articles a month giving the most recent and up to date insight into the IT world.

Gartner is a key and highly respected source of reliable IT industry analysis. It is considered a highly valued source of strategic information for corporate and higher education CIOs (Chief Information Officers)/ IT Directors; its reports have been described as ‘almost compulsory reading’ for IT decision makers.

Want to know more? You can discover Gartner for yourself on the library catalogue.

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