The Google Support Site – one stop shop for staff and students


  • Up until now staff and students had separate Google Apps support areas. Staff information was contained within the ‘Staff Google Apps Support’ site and students had a one page intranet site.

Now Google Apps support for Staff and Students is contained within the Griffith University – Google Apps Support site.

Things to note:

  • Differences between the Staff and Student Google Apps domains have been highlighted within the relevant ‘Help Yourself’ sections.
  • The Griffith Google Community Group is now open for all staff to view and students to join.
    Staff: all staff can view/search the Griffith Community. However to receive regular updates via emails and post to the group, you must be a member. To join, visit the Griffith Google Community Group page and click ‘join group to post’.
    Students: students must be a member to view/search the Griffith Community Group, receive regular updates via emails and post to the group. To join, students can visit the Griffith Google Community Membership page.

A one-stop ‘Google Apps Support’ shop is designed to make it easier for staff and students to find the relevant Google Apps help resources and better use the collaboration capabilities of the Google Apps suite of products.

Have you joined the Griffith Google Community Group? What do you think of it?

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