Griffith Web Presence Performing Strongly

In 2009, External Relations engaged Global Reviews to assess the performance of Griffith’s public website.

Global Reviews are an independent customer experience benchmarking organisation who assess websites from a future student point of view against 400 criteria.

The reviews are completed twice a year, with the latest measurement taken in September 2012, shortly after the black homepage was deployed.

Key results from September review:

  • Griffith has moved from near the bottom to 4th overall of the 17 universities benchmarked
  • Griffith are the best performer in three of the six scenarios among our competitor set (which includes UQ and QUT)
  • Griffith has overtaken Curtin to become the industry leader in the “How do I contact the University?” criteria

Many projects contributed to the improvements including the launch of Ask Us, the updated program and course catalogue, a website redesign in 2011, multiple revisions of the future students website, the new black homepage, and the addition of social media.

Operational enhancements also improved the scores. Along with External Relations setting the priority areas, Academic Groups, Griffith International, Student Administration and Information Services all worked together to deliver this fantastic result.

Changes to the Griffith homepage have been well received according to the latest review.

2 Comments on “Griffith Web Presence Performing Strongly”

  1. Thay says:

    what does “The New” implies? and why for only 2013 to 2016?

    • amandacomms says:

      Hi, Thay
      Those elements (seen on the Griffith homepage) are in relation to a campaign that ER are running for Griffith, and don’t apply to the review of the website itself. For more information about the campaign, I would recommend that you contact ER.

      Thanks for your comment!

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