An update from the Unified Collaboration project team!

> An update from the Unified Collaboration project team!

The Unified Collaboration project has been busily working behind the scenes developing processes in readiness for a University wide introduction of a toolkit of unified collaboration tools.

Video phones in new buildings

The project team recently installed video phones in the Library Extension – Learning Commons (G11), the Griffith Health Centre (G40) and Sir Samuel Griffith Centre (N78). All of these buildings were completed over the past 2 months and the project team placed over 800 phones during this time, adapting well to many challenging and changing circumstances. We are currently in a consolidation period while the phone rollout to these buildings are finalised.

Video phones for all other buildings

Moving forward, every other desk phone, wall phone and meeting room phone within the University will be replaced over the next 2-3 year period! A full schedule for 2013 video phone rollouts will be released in the coming weeks.

Other collaborative tools

Towards the end of the year we will also begin to provide additional integrated collaboration tools which will be promoted as they become available. If you have a requirement that we may be able to assist you with, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will endeavour to assist you where possible, or place you on record to be notified as soon as the appropriate technologies become available.

For more information visit the Unified Collaboration website.

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