Discover our growing E-Book collection

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 1.36.08 PMEbrary Academic Complete, a growing collection of approximately 80,000 academically oriented e-books, was introduced in December 2012 with little fanfare. It hasn’t taken long for word to spread about the fantastic value to be had from this broad mix of quality publications from publishers such as Wiley, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Routledge and Ashgate. While its strengths are in the social sciences and humanities, the collection offers something for almost everyone.

Already, statistics on use of the collection for the first seven months show more than half a million pages have been viewed from more than thirteen thousand unique titles. Staff and students have now initiated almost 43,000 sessions in the collection, enjoying the power of searching the full text of the books to locate information of interest. Some students have even been fortunate to find titles on their reading list that are located in the collection.

The popularity of a library of books that doesn’t close its doors at the end of the day and that is available from home, the office or wherever an internet connection can be made is undoubted. In addition to viewing the books online, nearly 1300 e-books have also been enjoyed offline as Ebrary allows many of the titles to be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

Individual books in the Ebrary Academic Complete collection can be located either through Library Search or directly at the collection website. An new alternative is to search the popular Proquest Central database through which a mix of journal articles and Ebrary e-books can be located by keyword or topic.

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