From Griffith to Blackboard World

  • Leigh Stevenson, Manager of Griffith’s Learning and Teaching Systems, recently ventured over to Las Vegas to present at the Blackboard World Conference.

Leigh was asked to report on the success of the Griffith app and the strategies used to increase uptake and usage, and took the opportunity to learn how other institutions from around the world are utilising educational technology solutions to achieve their goals.

The conference also addressed a variety of education technology themes and trends, ranging from MOOCs, Personalised Learning and the new university experience.

Leigh’s presentation is now available online along with over 100 others from education technology professionals, including the following keynote speakers:

  • Clay Shirky – Renowned author and academic
  • Jay Bhatt – President and CEO of Blackboard
  • Sugata Mitra – Professor of Educational Technology and 2013 TED Prize winner

For more information, visit the Blackboard World Conference website.

Leigh Stevenson presenting at the Blackboard World conference in Las Vegas.

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