Disability Services reaps benefits from Unified Collaboration project

  • The rollout of Griffith’s new video phones is moving full steam ahead, with staff in Disability Services already experiencing major improvements in their daily work.

The Unified Collaboration project team has recently installed the new video phones for Disability Services, providing enormous benefits to staff with hearing impairments, and those who work directly with them.

Disability Services Officer, Cathy Easte, said her workdays are brighter since her new Cisco Phone was installed.

Cathy, who has a hearing impairment that restricts her work communication to email or face to face interactions on the same campus, has noticed major differences.

“Now we can use Sign Language and have a real conversation when needed, even though we are on different campuses. The video clarity is amazing. I have had a conversation in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) with a colleague using the new video phone,” she said.

“Previously I would strain all day on the phone to understand students and other staff within the university. Now the strain levels are reduced with the much increased sound quality and the added benefit of being able to lip-read other members of my team who call me with the video phones. As I can see them as well as hear, it makes an enormous difference.”

“It is early days in our use of these phones, but we can see so many more benefits, enabling hearing-impaired or Deaf students to access signing staff or interpreters even when we are on another campus that day. It will certainly save much travelling time,” she said.

“I have only been using the new phone for a short time but I already wonder how I managed without it!”

Read more of Cathy’s testimonial.

The Unified Collaboration project team worked alongside Cathy and Bobbie Blackson (Disability Services Officer, Interpreter Coordinator) to roll out these video phones in their area. Staff in the Learning Commons (G11), Griffith Health Centre (G40) and Sir Samuel Griffith Centre (N78) have all now received video phones, with staff in the Willett Centre (N53) and South Bank set to receive the phones in the near future.

For more information visit the Unified Collaboration website and say hi to the team if you seem them around!

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