INS’ wireless efforts produce impressive stats

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  • With greater coverage, increased connections and faster downloads, Griffith’s wireless network continues to provide an impressive service to the university community.

So far in 2013 the Griffith wireless network has:

  • Serviced 14.5 million connections by 44,665 different users using over 100,000 unique devices!
  • Enabled 340 terabytes to be downloaded by the wireless network and 68 terabytes uploaded.
  • Increased utilisation in popular wireless hotspots and identified future service improvements. Some popular hotspots:
    • Nathan and Mt Gravatt student residences (as an example, at Nathan residences a single wireless access point has had more than 50,000 connections and has transferred over 1.6 terabytes of data)
    • Nathan and Gold Coast libraries

This year, the wireless team has also upgraded 150 out of 326 access points identified in a survey completed by students and staff. These new wireless access points are 10 times faster and have a more intelligent response to interference and wireless spectrum load.

Furthermore, 18 Outdoor Wireless Mesh access points have now been installed and are operational. These special-built access points are installed on light poles and roofs of buildings to give a wide coverage area in outdoor locations, such as the Gold Coast’s tennis courts and The Pavilion (G32), Nathan’s seating areas near The Hub (N11) and plenty more areas.

For more information or to provide feedback on the wireless network service, visit their website.

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