Open Access Week: 21-27 October

Open Access

  • Open Access Week kicks off this Monday!

Open Access Week is an international event, now in its sixth year. Griffith University is celebrating Open Access Week with the launch of a website to help researchers improve their profile through Open Access. It includes links to sources of evidence about the benefits of open access, advice on how to openly license your work, when not to license your work, videos and other resources.

Open Access promotes the free, immediate, online access to scholarly materials, and the right to use and re-use them.

There are two main ways to open the access to research outputs: depositing work in an institutional repository and publishing in open access journals. For researchers, choosing OA can mean a higher citation rate – in a 2010 summary of 31 reported studies, 27 found a positive open access citation advantage.

1. Depositing work in a publications repository

Did you know that:

  • Recent changes in policy mean copies of publications from any projects funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and Australian Research Council must be deposited into open access repositories.

  • More than 60% of journal publishers now allow you to deposit a copy of the accepted manuscript in an institutional repository.

  • Search services like Google Scholar and the National Library of Australia’s Trove harvest information from Australian repositories. You only need to deposit your work to be promoted through all these different channels.

  • More than 60,000 Australian theses have been deposited in institutional repositories and harvested by Trove. The theses are widely used – the Griffith Digital Theses Collection is viewed over 3000 times every month!

2. Open access publishing

Did you know that:

  • In 2012, more than 10% of the journal articles published by Griffith researchers were in open access journals.

  • The Directory of Open Access Journals contains over 9,400 journals, which can only be included if peer-review or editorial quality control is exercised.

  • Most of the open access journals published by Australian universities are fully open access and do not charge publication fees.

Happy Open Access Week!

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