MESS soon to be replaced

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  • The mess of MESS (Marks Entry Spread Sheet) will soon be a thing of the past.

Information Services staff are currently designing modifications to Marks Centre (Learning@Griffith) as a replacement for MESS and to support the marking and grading process. While still in design, the proposed solution is expected to bring the following advantages:

  • Access to enter marks and grades from anywhere, at anytime
  • Where available, the option to create assessment items from information stored in the electronic Course Profile System.
  • One-stop data entry of assessment item marks and grades

Development on the MESS replacement is yet to commence, but it is hoped that it will be released for Semester 2 2014. Further information will be provided as the project progresses. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the project team:

2 Comments on “MESS soon to be replaced”

  1. Jennifer Sanzaro-Nishimura says:

    in the interests of making the current marks centre operating system more user friendly can it be designed to move horizontally across the page when you hit enter instead of traveling down the page? This is an extremely frustrating feature of the current system that results in the wrong marks going to the wrong student if you are not doubly vigilant. The current process is slow and cumbersome, the old MESS spreadsheets were much more user friendly, couldn’t they simply transfer that into a program that operates the same way?

  2. inscomms says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your feedback on the MESS replacement solution.

    Regarding the data entry of marks into Mark Centre, there will be a couple of available options. In addition to entering data online using a web browser, there is the other option of downloading the student and assessment information from Mark Centre into a local spreadsheet. The marks are then updated using the familiar spreadsheet tools with the marks uploaded to update Mark Centre. This process is currently available in Mark Centre and is undergoing further testing as part of the project. So far the process has worked well especially for large numbers of students. Note this is not the same process as currently used by the MESS spreadsheet.

    The current data entry function of moving down when hitting Enter will remain as is. Marks are usually entered for one assessment item which is represented in Mark Centre as a column. In the scenario mentioned in your response using the local spreadsheet option to be able to move horizontally may prove more appropriate.


    MESS Replacement Project Team

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