Need a hand with information management?

  • Whether you’re new to Griffith or part of the furniture, here’s some important tips on Information Management.

It can be the furthest thing from your mind when you’re in the middle of a report or nearing the end of your project, but the way you manage your work records and files is crucial. Every staff member has a legal responsibility to do this effectively, so we’ve got the lowdown to keep you out of trouble.

  • Do you know that every Griffith staff member creates records during their work day?
  • Do you know what makes something an official University record?
  • Are you managing your records properly (or at all)?
  • Are you tidying up or moving your office…or position? Don’t know what to do with all the paper and digital files you have amassed?
  • Do you lose track of what is the latest version of your documents, especially when you are collaborating with others?
  • Are you creating research data and don’t know where to store it?

Then let Information Services’ Information Management team help you!

If you aren’t up to speed on where and how to manage your data, information and records, check out a couple of new resources that have been developed. The first is a presentation that provides staff with an introduction to the basics of recordkeeping – what a record might look like, where to keep records, how long you need to keep them for etc: Introduction to Recordkeeping at Griffith University.

The second presentation has been developed as a result of feedback from staff wanting to know more about how to use Google Drive to manage their information. The presentation looks at the benefits of using Google Docs and Google Drive to manage your files, how easy it is to share with colleagues, and how to download and use Google Drive on your desktop: Getting the most out of Google Drive.

The are also heaps of resources available on the Information Management Framework website about data and information management at Griffith, and more helpful information gets added regularly. In addition, the Corporate Archives and Records Management Services website has a heap of information about how to manage your records.

So check them out! You’re guaranteed to learn something you didn’t know!

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