INS staff among VC Award winners

  • Two INS staff members have received a 2013 Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in General Staff Service.

Corporate Information Manager Gabrielle Ingram and Senior Computing Support Officer Salvador Aguirre both walked away with one of the prestigious awards last week.

Gabrielle, who manages Griffith’s Corporate Archives and Records Management Service (CARMS), won the “Outstanding Streamlining Achievement” award, while Salvador won the ”Outstanding Individual Client Service to Staff – HEW Level 6-10″ category.

A number of Information Services staff and teams also received nominations and were recognised for excellence by their clients. For a full list of all the nominated staff in each category, visit the website.

The annual Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in General Staff Service were established to recognise the significant contributions of general staff, either individually or as part of a team, who demonstrate outstanding achievement aligned to the University’s vision, values and strategic goals.

Congratulations Gabrielle, Salvador and all winners from across the university on this outstanding achievement.

Photo of Gabrielle Ingram

Gabrielle Ingram

Salvador is currently enjoying some well deserved rec leave, but we’ll catch up with him when he returns!

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