Open Access Week Wrap-up

Open Access banner

  • Open Access Week may be over for another year, but the outcomes from last week’s festivities will continue to bring positive benefits to Griffith’s researchers and academics well into the future.

In celebration of this year’s Open Access Week (21-27 October), Griffith launched a new website to help researchers improve their profile through open access. It includes links to research and evidence about open access, advice, videos and other resources.

The website provides a comprehensive range of information on open access, highlighting the key benefits for researchers and research managers to open access to their work. Check out Griffith’s new open access website now.

Why is open access important to me?

Sharing knowledge is fundamental to education and open access enables sharing. Research outputs, supporting data and learning materials underpin university activity. They influence the external perception of the University and consequently funding, reputation and attractiveness to students. Making your materials openly available to the public and your peers will deliver significant benefits to the broader community, with flow-on social and economic effects nationally and worldwide. The University of Manchester has identified the benefits of open access for Researchers, the University, Research Managers, and the public worldwide. Sure, it takes a few extra minutes to structure your research and organise it so that it can be made openly available, but the benefits do outweigh the challenges. Read more about the benefits of open access.

For more information about open access at Griffith visit the new open access website.



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