Research Survey Centre celebrates 1000th survey!

  • The Research Survey Centre reached a huge milestone recently, celebrating its 1000th survey since its launch in 2009.

Information Services’ Research Survey Centre has helped create, develop and distribute a whopping 1000 production surveys, garnering over 154,000 responses, in its short four year lifespan. Since 2009 Griffith researchers have benefited from this service, with 621 surveys currently active.

The Research Survey Solution is available to all Griffith University researchers interested in utilising an online survey tool for research. It allows researchers to create, develop and distribute an online survey, while also providing them with support, documentation, training and data management. The Solution consists of a Research Survey Centre website, the Research Survey Tool and the Research Survey Archive (see image below).


Some of the features of the Research Survey Tool include:

  • All data is stored and preserved according to the Queensland University Sector Retention and Disposal Schedule (data is stored on Griffith servers for a minimum of 7 years)
  • Free training, support, data management
  • Training is held monthly at multiple campuses
  • One-on-one consultations (up to 2 hours per client)
  • Unlimited surveys/questions/responses
  • Over 28 question types
  • 2 Environments:
    • Sandpit: open to all Griffith staff, NO activation or distribution
    • Production: ethics approved surveys, activation and distribution

For more information about this great service, visit the Research Survey Centre website or enrol in a training session.

Pictured L to R: Jeroen Van Den Muyzenberg, Amanda Miotto, Heidi Perrett, Kim Keogh, Ville Sarimaa.

The Research Survey team celebrates its 1000th survey. Pictured L to R: Jeroen Van Den Muyzenberg, Amanda Miotto, Heidi Perrett, Kim Keogh, Ville Sarimaa.

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