Learning@Griffith upgrade brings new benefits

Learning@Griffith, powered by Blackboard Learn

  • The latest Learning@Griffith upgrade will bring you and your students a myriad of new features to use.

The successful upgrade earlier this month not only ironed out some technical issues, but also introduced three new features which are now live on Learning@Griffith (powered by Blackboard):

1. Global Navigation and My Blackboard

Available to everyone who uses Learning@Griffith, the Global Navigation Panel gives you quick access to your courses and personal settings, while the My Blackboard functionality gives you access to the new Posts feature. Watch a video on Global Navigation and My Blackboard (YouTube video, 3m, 40s).

2. New Content Editor

You see a Content Editor everywhere that you enter text into Learning@Griffith, from Discussion Board posts to blog entries (and for teaching staff, contents items added to the course). The new Content Editor helps you create complex online content without needing to know HTML. Watch a video on the new Content Editor (YouTube video, 1m 43s).

3. My Marks

This is the tool that students use to see marks and feedback on assessment items. It’s getting a facelift, with a cleaner layout and more information about past and future assessments. Watch a video on the new My Marks (Blackboard Help Video, 2m 30s) – NOTE: Griffith calls this feature ‘My Marks’, but other universities call it ‘My Grades’. Same feature, different name.

Stay tuned for more exciting Learning@Griffith features that our Blackboard team has in store for late 2013. To contact the Blackboard Upgrade team or for more information visit their website.

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