Griffith staff release leading literature

FRont cover of New Content in Digital Repositories book

  • Information Services staff cement Griffith’s position at the forefront of information management, after the launch of leading international library literature.

Information Services Senior Project Manager Natasha Simons and Library Strategy Advisor Joanna Richardson recently celebrated the launch of their new book, New Content in Digital Repositories (The changing research landscape).

Written as part of Chandos Publishing’s Information Professional Series, the book is aimed at providing authoritative, current and practical information for university librarians, research institutions, specialist librarians and library and information science students.

Released last month, the book explores the expanding diversity of institutional repository content, covering research data, metadata, exchange protocols, software and other aspects that are evolving rapidly worldwide.

Natasha said that in an era of research marked by rapid technological development and a diversification of primarily digital research outputs, the book provides guidance for librarians and information professions in how best to manage these challenges. The book contextualises the topic for the reader, while exploring internationally significant issues and trends in repositories.

“Australia is at the forefront of an international push to capture the expanding range of scholarly outputs, particularly research data. We felt it was important to highlight the important work both Griffith and Australia are doing in this area,” she said.

“Between Joanna and me, we have a lot of experience and expertise to contribute. I’m incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity to write the book with Joanna, who’s so prolific and well-respected in this field.”

Equally as grateful is Joanna, who, after receiving multiple requests from editors to author a book, decided to team up with Natasha, a long time colleague.

“I’m thankful to Natasha, who actually came up with the idea of what to write about!” Joanna said.

“The book also attracted two distinguished information professionals, Dr Simon Hodson from CODATA and Monash University’s David Groenwegen who provided the foreword for the book, bringing significant expertise and clout.”

New Content in Digital Repositories (The changing research landscape) is published by Chandos Publishing and is now available as a book and e-book.

Congratulations to Natasha and Joanna on this achievement.

Natasha Simons and Joanna Richardson, pictured celebrating with their new book.
Natasha Simons (L) and Joanna Richardson (R) celebrate the launch of their new book.

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