Get set for 2014 Orientation with INS

  • As 2014 gears up, Information Services is set for Orientation Week with a range of activities planned.

From workshops to market days, library tours and IT guides, INS is ready to introduce Griffith’s fresh faces to the world of university libraries and IT. We have a range of exciting events and handy marketing materials available for students including:

  • Earlybird Workshops – The earlybird catches the worm! Prior to Semester One, from 17-22 February, we’re offering FREE workshops for students covering a range of topics including strategies for study, reading and note taking, getting started on your assignment, referencing, basic computer survival skills and more.
  • Library and IT Guides – these pocket-sized guides feature a campus map alongside important information about the library, laptops, wireless access, Learning@Griffith, copying and printing, workshops and training and more. To place an order for these please contact
  • Market Days – Library and IT staff will be hosting a table at each of the campus market days in February and March.
  • Library Orientation Tours – Library staff will be hosting tours of all campus libraries in Orientation Week.

For more information on our Orientation Week activities visit the website or contact us on

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