New Griffith web search now live

  • Griffith’s web search has received a major update, allowing staff and students to find more information in more places and across more platforms.

The new web search, which went live last week, extends the coverage of the Griffith web search by 3.5 times. This allows you to find more information from more sources in the one search, saving you needless website navigating time and the need to maintain a lengthy list of bookmarks (I can hear the sighs of relief!). Gone are the days of navigating through the portal for leave request forms or going to the phonebook to search a colleague’s extension number. The new web search now provides results from a huge number of sources including:

  • Griffith social media (facebook, twitter, flickr, iTunesU, YouTube)
  • Griffith news, events and blogs
  • programs
  • courses
  • careerboard and Griffith jobs
  • people in the phonebook
  • researchers, their projects and groups
  • hard to find Griffith applications and form

Plus all the sites you previously searched:

  • internet
  • intranet
  • policies
  • library guides

In addition to these sources, the website search is now mobile and tablet optimised and accommodates voice searches for devices with microphone support. It also has other advanced features such as search suggestions as you type and the option to refine search results if you wish. Try it out now!

For more information contact the Information Services web team on

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