What’s new in the library this year?

  • Students returning to campus this year will say hello to a wide range of new library features and services.

The new year has brought with it a number of new printing and computing technologies, a fresh Workshops and Training timetable for staff and students and improved research loans for postgrad students and staff. You and your students can enjoy the following new technologies and services in the library this year:

Facebook Feedback

Feedback received on Griffith University’s facebook page from another happy customer!

  • Wireless Printing – It’s arrived! Wireless printing allows students to print from their laptop to any Griffith campus common-use printer.
  • MFD Copy Print Scan – Print jobs in the library will no longer queue in the print station. Instead, students will be able to log into any MFD to select their print job. Scanning to email will also be available on all MFDs.
  • Touchscreen Computers – Touchscreen desktops have been introduced in the Nathan library. Not your thing? Don’t worry – they still have keyboards too!
  • Research Loans – Research loans, allowing Griffith staff and postgraduate students to borrow library items for up to 6 months, have now been made easier across all campus libraries. As of 17 February, all staff and postgraduate students are eligible for automatic 6 months research loans. Read more.
  • NEW Workshops and Training timetable – The library’s semester one Workshops and Training timetable has been released with academic, computing and library skills workshops available for staff and students.

The 2014 Library and IT Quickstart Guides are now available for each campus. To place an order for your department or school, please contact ins-comms@griffith.edu.au.

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